About Me

I am an experienced fitness trainer, who has been in the fitness world since 2015, with constant gym sessions and outdoor workouts.

A fitness model and personal trainer from Nairobi, where I use my website platform and YouTube channel to inspire people through better living.

I teach trainees on the right nutrition and best workouts based on their body type.

I have made it my mission to help people make fitness a lifestyle and observe healthy nutrition. I aim to help more women understand their bodies, loose weight and embrace strength training.

When am not in the fitness world, I like writing poems, Reading novels, watching movies, hiking and anything that says risk in it and raises my adrenaline. Am also a foodie lover and a family person.

Join me for this awesome experience. GET FIT & FEEL GOOD.


I am a lady in the street and a beast in the gym, I have the energy, passion and determination that keeps me going, Fitness is my feel good vibe.

For me fitness has been a journey of experience, self-discovery and most of all getting fit. My fitness journey started in 2015, but it was a choice I decided way back in high school; and in college I did a project on fitness and that’s when I got my drive. I have always had an adventurous mind, going for hikes and covering a 24km distance, with my overweight body this at times proved to be difficult but the willpower always pushed me through.

So at first, it all started with me wanting to lose weight and losing it in the right way, and I knew the only way was through exercising. This led to a journey of self-discovery, starting with jogging every morning, which proved to be much difficult than I had thought, jogging for distances less than 100 meters, thanks to my small bro; Roy Muchiri, for the encouragement, jogging with me most times to another step of fitness.(Out of contest; I challenge him these days.)

So with those small steps, I had managed to lose a total of 20 to 25kgs in the first 6 months. Over the few years I have lost over 40kg’s and through that managed to achieve my weight loss goal (Incase you are wondering, I was over 90kg’s). In those years I have learned and reaped the benefits of fitness, because it ain’t all about weight loss.

Going to the gym has become a hobby, although sometimes on and off, for some reasons (gym ain’t cheap you know…! ), I still exercise and now it’s a lifestyle, it should be. TRY IT! EARN IT! REAP IT!