4 Major deal breakers that can sabotage your weight loss goals.


While you love your family as much, they are often the people that can sabotage your fitness goals, by bringing unhealthy food into the house, it’s only going to tempt you, or they may be requesting your time, making it difficult to hit the gym.

Solution; Talk to your family and tell them the importance of you devoting to your fitness goals and how it is important to stick to your diet.

While your children may not understand, your significant other should support you. If possible tell them not to bring unhealthy food in the house or if they must, not to eat them around you.


It’s hard to lose weight while your job keeps you sitting all day.

Solution; Try and get up and walk around as many times as you can. This could help you burn calories during the day and also reduce the chance of gaining weight over time.


Many people feel like their lack of time, with millions of things on their to-do lists, holds them from achieving any results and fitness is just not going to happen.

Solution; Plan better. Truly look at your schedule and find out where you may be wasting time each day. 20-40 minutes can give you enough time for a great workout session.


Food cravings are a big reason why many can’t stick to their diet.

Solution; Look for simple ways that you can swap out an ingredient or two in a recipe and still end up eating great without fat, calories, and sugar.

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