Increase Intensity

High Intensity builds muscle. Example of Ways you can increase your intensity; Drop sets
ü Supersets
ü Negatives
ü slow reps
ü Decreasing resting period.
ü Circuits
ü Forced reps etc

Switch up your exercises.

To continue to grow you need to hit your target muscles with a wide range of exercises. Each muscle group has a variety of different exercises that can be used to train it.

Introduce drop sets.

Do a set until you can’t perform another rep, drop the weight, do another set, drop the weight…and carry on. Do anywhere between 3-6 sets in total.

Drop sets are one of those shock techniques if done correctly can blow you up through a plateau level. It forces more reps out by dropping weight off gradually, this forces more blood into the target muscle group and causes more muscles tearing, which promotes more growth after the repair of muscle tissue.

Switch the days you work each muscle.

Work on your weakest muscle group at the beginning of the week when you have the most energy. Like everything else in your routine, you’ll benefit from the change.

Note; When switching, remember to give each muscle group enough time to rest.
You can also cycle your workout days so that on the first day of your workout week you focus on a different muscle group.

Compound- isolation same muscle group super-set.

One of the effective ways to promote growth in a stubborn muscle group is to follow a compound exercise with an isolation movement.

Example: you complete your bench press as usual, immediately after you hit out a strict set of dumbbell flys. On the second set, you don’t need big weights, your focus should be on muscle contraction, that means slow down and squeeze at the top of the movement.

Weekly rep cycling.

How weekly rep cycling works: Week 1: Hit 12 reps per set; Week 2: 10 reps per set; Week 3: 8 reps per set; Week 4: 6 reps per set. Week 5: Repeat the cycle.

Note: IF you got your diet right, you should find by week 5 you can lift considerably more than you could on week 1 for 12 reps.

Change the Number of days you train.

While building muscle less is more. To get bigger you don’t work out more. When you workout from 3 to 5 days a week. Your body will benefit from the extra rest.


Are extremely helpful in building strength. You focus on the negative part of a movement by using very heavy weights(more than your one-rep max) and a very slow movement. So, if you train alone, don’t bother with negatives, otherwise, you risk injury.

Good examples of negatives are bench press, pull-ups, and squats.
Slow (controlled) reps.

Slow reps are all about control and contraction. Using a lighter weight, with a slower movement, for the same number of reps.
Using slow reps, you do the same no of reps as you usually do but your muscles are under strain for a much longer time.

Change your order of exercise.

Do big compounds first, then isolation, like everything else your body adapts. Switch up your exercise, do extensions before squat.

Pre-exhausting your muscles.

Is one of those plateau busting techniques; Exhaust your muscles by doing isolation movement, then immediately hit it with a compound exercise.

Forced reps.

Do as many strict reps as you can without any assistance, then use a spotter to help you force another extra 2 or more reps out.

Pyramid sets.

Pyramid sets start from low weight and work up to  heavyweight and then back down.

Take the week off.

Rest in the most abused aspect of weight training. Bodybuilding is not like marathon running, less is more. Our bodies (and minds) need regular rest breaks from intense resistance training.

And if you asking when to know, your body will tell you, though roughly 2 to 3 months.

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