• Eat protein
    Will help you feel fuller longer
    Will help keep muscle mass when you are lowering calorie intake
    Helps to pack the gains when slimming down
    Protein stimulates glucagon secretion, which stimulates energy to train hard

  •  Eat more green leafy vegetables
    They are loaded with nutrients but not calories
    They maintain your system acid/base balance that allows the body to function at an optimal level
    Helps you when you are on the cutting phase
  • Eat for volume
    Eat nutrient-dense food, not calorie-dense, they will keep you full but not fat  eg. Cabbages, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, egg whites

  •  Drink more water
    Dehydration makes you physically and mentally tired.
    When you are feeling dehydrated try cold water, it allows you to burn more calories
  • Don’t drastically decrease fat .
    Fat provides your body with energy.
    They help transport vitamins through your bloodstream and absorb them into your body
  •  Cut out unplanned Snacks
     Unplanned snacking can add up quickly and can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals.
  •  Make meal prep for the week
     This will help you keep your goals on track
  • Remove Nutritional vices
    Keeping that half-eaten bag of chips, sugary drinks, ice cream and other processed goodies in the kitchen won’t help you resist temptation.
  • Read Labels
     Go beyond the carbohydrates, proteins and fat content ingredients. Other ‘favorite nutrients’ are hidden codes for sugar
  •  Drink green tea
    Aids in fat loss
  • Drink coffee before Workouts
     Drinking black coffee with no sugar before your workout can help to lose that stubborn stored fat.
    The extra energy boost from caffeine will help keep up your lifts high and help combat any fatigue from your feeling from your reduced-calorie diet.
  •  Supplement with fish oil
    Fish oil decreases your resting heart rate. A slower heart rate means you will have to work harder to reach your target heart rate during cardio sessions.
  •  Lift Heavy
    Lifting weights will help you become leaner faster and able to maintain your body composition.
    More muscles mean able to burn more fat
  •  Make compound movement your foundation
    Compound movements allow you to lift heavier weights, engage more muscles and burn more calories. Do squats instead of leg extension.
  • Increase Non-Exercise Physical Activity
    Take the stairs instead of the elevator; Walk to the shop instead of driving
  •  Progressively Increase Your Cardio
    When it comes to a point where you cannot add more high-intensity exercise, try adding low-intensity cardio progressively. This will ensure long- term weight loss success.
  •  Start sprinting
    Sprinting burns plenty of calories in a short amount of time and improves metabolism.
  •  Limit Rest between sets
    Limiting rest periods will keep your heart rate up and allow you to burn more calories.
  •  Avoid Failure.
    Don’t push yourself to the absolute max if your focus is fat loss. If you do your ability to recover will be compromised.
  •  Set goals
    Write down what you want to achieve, this will help you be accountable.
  •  Visualize your success
    Hold that image of what you would like to look like and achieve it.
  • Find a Mentor
    It could be a personal trainer, someone you met online, or a person you met at the gym. A solid mentor will save you a lot of time and frustration. They could help you with everything from training, to nutrition to overall motivation.

  •  Perfect your pre-post workout nutrition
     They help you recover faster, train harder and build muscles
  •  Lift with a consistent tempo.
    Keep a controlled and deliberate tempo when lifting, this creates greater metabolic stress leading to better composition changes.
  • Focus on your actions.
    You don’t have control over the rate at which you will lose fat. So, instead of focusing on losing 1 kg a week, focus on eating right, training hard and being consistent, and the fat loss will come.

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