Have sufficient protein

Proteins are important for muscle maintenance and development, they help replace broken down proteins into muscle tissue.

Heavy Strength training

Lift heavy to maintain or increase strength when you are in a deficit. Lifting heavy sends a “muscle maintenance” signal.

Don’t feel pressure to load a crazy amount of weight, just lift enough weight that challenges you.

Avoid large deficits

In your quest to lose weight, large deficits increase your risk of losing muscle. Most people tend to go on a calorie deficit that is gravely low, hence leading to loss of fat but much more loss of muscle mass.

Try finding a balance to lose both fat and maintain muscle mass.

Avoid excessive cardio

As much as cardio is a great contributor in losing weight, avoid too much cardio, you risk losing muscle. Moderate cardio is fine.

But this can differ from one person to another.

Use diet breaks

Diet breaks can help boost a slowing metabolism from all the reduced calorie consumption over the past weeks, hence burning fat without losing muscle.

It can also provide a much needed psychological relief as well as a recharge of your energy.

This doesn’t mean eating everything you come across. Diet breaks should be precise and planned.

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