You can’t build muscles with calisthenics.

There is what we call progressive overload when it comes to calisthenics.

Changing the variations adds up to adding weight. For example; you were doing push-ups with both hands and then you progress to do with one.

Changing the variations allows your body adapts to a new stimulus hence able to grow.

If your diet is proper and right, you will build muscle and strength.

You have to do high reps with calisthenics.

With bodyweight training, you have to keep on progressing to other harder movements. You just don’t stick with the normal push-ups and a normal pull-up.

Doing high reps will just give you endurance and make you better at a movement. But, if your goal is to gain strength, you can’t stick with high reps, other calisthenics people don’t.

Calisthenics does not translate to weight lifting.

If you change the variation, calisthenics can translate to weight lifting strength. 

Calisthenics is superior to weightlifting.

And vice versa. The truth is if you are looking to be more functional, gain more bodyweight strength, or you want to do something new or learn a skill, bodyweight training is the way to go.

But, if you want to gain muscle faster, more effectively, more efficiently and more progressively weightlifting is your best option.

N.B: Different people have different goals, but if you are a person just looking to be fit, a balance between the two is a good way to go.

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