Spinach is loaded with nutrients and is super low in calories

It’s high in protein(Increase muscle ass to tone your body), iron, fiber, and potassium(reduce bloating)

Chia seeds

Loaded with healthy fats( omega-3 fatty acids) and fiber

You get Better workouts because they Promote exercise performance without the added sugar.


Loaded with water making it an excellent weight loss remedy.

Proper hydration has been proven to be an excellent element of weight loss because it stops you from confusing thirst from hunger.

Helps your metabolism work optimally, meaning more calories are burned.

It is a great healthy snack because of its low calorie.


Air-popped popcorn has fewer calories than most snacks.

It’s a complex carb which digests slower, keeping you full longer hence a great weight loss option.

It also provides sustained energy hence no crash cravings.


Contains antioxidants which may help prevent metabolic syndrome reducing health problems like obesity.

The process called pectin in apples slows your body’s digestive system and help you feel fuller.

It has high fiber content, making it a good food for weight loss.


Great at reducing bloating because of their high level of potassium

Contains antioxidants which aid in weight loss.

 Contains also a high percentage of water.


Loaded with protein and fiber leaving you feeling full and are digested slowly.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and magnesium which improves muscle function.


Great for boosting weight loss because of their high protein and fiber content.


They provide sustained energy release and are digested slowly hence assisting in weight loss.

Its high fiber naturally leads to a feeling of fullness and satiety.

They are great for weight loss and good health.

Avoid the sugar-loaded oats.


It is loaded with iron and calcium. Contains protein and fiber.

Goji berries

Provide you with protein and has fewer calories.

Wild salmon

Loaded with omega-3 fatty acid.

Helps you build muscle and lose weight. The more the muscle the even while resting more calories burnt.

It is also great for your health


They are anti-inflammatory and are loaded with antioxidant.

Contains fiber that helps you feel fuller for longer.

Almond Butter

The fat in almond makes it taste delicious but keeps you satisfied longer.

It contains a generous amount of protein

Greek yogurt

The process of making Greek yogurt doubles the amount of protein in it.

Dairy is an amazing weight loss tool that boosts your feelings of satiety even when consumed in smaller amounts.

Low-fat yogurt helps burn fat faster.


Incredible source of protein, crucial for weight loss

Amino acids contained in eggs can help suppress hunger, making them a great choice.


This superfood is a sure way to curb hunger and aid your weight loss.

It contains a good amount of fiber and protein hence keeping you full and satisfied longer.


Contains fat that keeps you satisfied for hours, but it’s high in calorie hence limit your intake.


Potatoes are a great and filling source of nutrition, packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Just avoid the fried varieties.

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