10 Effective and Easy Weight loss tips.

Losing weight and maintaining it is not easy. Weight loss is different from everybody, and it has been a major part of my life. Through some of these tips and exercise, I have been able to see a shift in my weight.

 Weight loss isn’t linear, this means you can’t fully measure your progress by standing on a scale. There are other ways like loosening of your clothes, being able to run longer than you used to. Those small changes are what you should observe. In the long run, your weight will take care of itself, with the right diet.

 Weight loss is challenging, what may work for others may not necessarily work for you. We have different body types, our hormonal changes affect our bodies differently, or certain diseases may cause weight gain. Whatever it is, with time you will find your balance, what you need is patience.

This tips may not necessarily lead you to lose 5kg’s in a week, but they surely will improve your health to better living and more fulfilling life. So here are the tips…..!

Try green tea

Green tea is a natural herbal tea that has been proven to speed up metabolism. It has an antioxidant that helps breakdown fat and speeds the metabolism.

Drink water

Hunger and thirst are often confused by the body. The next time you start feeling hungry try drinking a glass of water and it will stave off hunger pangs for a while.

Be motivational

Have a reason why you are doing this. Cut out magazines of people who inspire your body goals, have a picture of yourself when you were slimmer and fitter than you are at the moment. And put them somewhere you are can see regularly, to remind you of where you have been or where you want to go, just in case you feel the need to snack on unhealthy snacks.

Give yourself a different goal

Losing weight may be frustrating especially when the results aren’t forthcoming as you expected. Focus more on other goals like increase of strength, running faster or longer, being able to do exercises you were unable to and appreciate how far you have come.

Don’t spend your day sitting down

When sitting you won’t burn as many calories as if you are standing. If you work in an office, try moving around or work while standing.  This actually changes your posture and helps you focus more rather than being slumped in front of a computer.

Go dancing

If you hate exercising, go dancing instead, it’s still exercise but far more enjoyable.

Try mouthwash

Instead of a snack, rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Having food particles in your mouth makes you feel the need to eat and you are unlikely to want to eat something sweet or sugary because it doesn’t taste good.

You can also brush but too much brushing may damage your enamel.

Buy ankle weights

Invest in a pair of ankles and wear them around your ankles so you can give yourself an extra work-out all day.

Pre-pack snacks

Buy small containers and add healthy snacks like chopped up fruits, nuts, and seeds or chopped veggies.

Have them ready when you feel the need for a snack.

Plan your hungry moments

Not the regular meal times, in between meals, you might notice around 4 p.m you usually get hungry, during this time plan on things you can do like drinking water and then taking a walk to avoid giving in to the hunger pangs.

 You will keep the hunger pangs at bay a little longer and burn some calories, by the time you are back you can take a glass of water and wait for dinner.

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