Most diets for most people aren’t sustainable

This doesn’t mean that diets don’t work, when you start a diet you will be able to lose weight but if you go back to your normal habits it easy to gain your weight back.

The fact is you can’t keep dieting for the rest of your life you need to find something sustainable and adjustable to your lifestyle. 

Dieting causes bingeing

When you want to cut weight and get into shape quickly, you diet for that event or even season, but after that, you gorge to whatever you had been eliminating.

When you deprive your body of certain foods, it triggers a chemical reaction and your brain secretes neuropeptide which since you are depleting your brain from its main source of food, makes you think more of food hence increase your desire to eat, with a preference for carbs.

Diets make you obsessive

Diet can bring drastic changes in your mood, irritability, fatigue and an obvious lack of motivation.

 They also make you obsess, staying long hours on your phone trying to get the new diet, trying habits like chewing food longer.  Looking on the scale every chance you get.

Diets cause cravings

Diets will increase your desire for rewards or pleasure.

When certain foods are ‘off-limits’ or ‘bad’, that would be the food you end up thinking about and craving it more than ever, such as ice cream.

Dieting is Stressful

A lot of diets cause stress. They make you think about food in an obsessive way, which triggers stress hormones hence leads the body to slow down and store more fat.

When you drastically cut your calories, it doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss, instead, it increases cortisol production and chronic psychological stress, two things that ironically lead to weight gain.

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