Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s is simply changing your pattern of eating and not eating.

You are still able to eat a normal amount of food but just in a smaller time frame.

Here are some of the benefits;

Fasting causes a drop in insulin which helps in the fat burning process.

Your levels of growth hormone may increase, which will help with the fat burning process and muscle gain.

IF causes Cellular repair processes to occur hence helps remove any waste material and toxins from your cells, therefore improving overall health.

IF aids in Weight loss, makes you eat fewer meals, hence eat fewer calories than you normally do.

 Long term fasting increases your metabolic rate, leading you to burn even more calories.

IF improve your body’s resistance to oxidation stress which causes premature aging and can cause several chronic diseases.

IF fights against inflammation which is a key cause of some common diseases.

Intermittent fasting betters your blood pressure levels,  and blood sugar levels hence reducing your risk factor of heart disease.

Fasting has been found to slow down the progression of skin and breast cancer.

Fasting can encourage the growth of new nerve cells that boost brain function

While Intermittent fasting doesn’t cure depression, it helps ease its symptoms. People suffering from depression when will have an improved mood, better mental alertness and more sense of peace.

Reduce ‘’bad “ cholesterol, blood triglycerides(fat found in the blood) and inflammatory markers.

Reduce fat mass in the abdomen, hence reducing your belly.

Reduce Alzheimer’s, a memory loss disease found in aging people.

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