You might have been working out for months now, perhaps years but you are unable to shift the excess weight, or might have even gained weight.

These are the mistakes you are making;

You don’t eat properly before working out

If you don’t kickstart your metabolism, you won’t lose weight.

Your body is like a machine,  that needs fuel to run properly. And when it is depleted from fuel, it won’t perform.

If you don’t eat your metabolism won’t have anything to burn, you need to shift your metabolism so it works for you and continue to burn those calories all day after your workout.

You don’t exercise enough

Once a week is not enough. Your body needs to work out regularly to see real change.

Up your exercise.  Try 2 times a week and see a difference, as you add up the days gradually.

And if you feel you don’t have time to exercise, try walking more, it will factor some extra workout.

You exercise too Early

Working on an empty stomach is what I don’t advice (check out point one). You can do a 30minute run, which is fine. But more than that you need to fuel your body, to help you perform better and even train harder.

Try changing up to see if it works. You don’t need to take anything heavy, a bowl of porridge or a smoothie can do the trick.

You are not doing enough cardio

Going to the gym and weight-training is fine, but if you don’t combine it with enough cardio, you won’t burn calories, you will simply bulk up.

Your body needs to speed up its fat burning process, doing at least 20 minutes cardio ( to get your heart pumping and ready to burn calories) and then performing your weight training exercises will do the job.

If you want to bulk up, that’s fine, but if you don’t weight training alone will not help.

You spend too long Working out

Here it’s more of quality than quantity. Constantly challenge yourself for maximum benefit.

If you do the same routine and still eat the same diet your body gets used to it and stops burning fat effectively.

You do cardio three times a week

There is a difference between working out and staying active.

 If you have been working out three times a week but still gaining weight, it means your body is used to what it does and you are not challenging it enough. You are active but not over-exerting.

Run faster, run longer, add up more days you will be able to shift your weight.

You don’t weight train

To get fit and lose weight, you need to combine both cardio with weights.

If you don’t want to bulk up, using the right weights (keeping it light) with the right number of repetitions and combining it with cardio at least 20 minutes, will help get rid of that weight gain.

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