Too much cardio

When you perform too much cardio, your booty is likely to shrink and become smaller.

Also, your booty is likely to be saggy if you are not regularly doing exercises that lift your booty.

Do cardio that promotes booty growth such as sprints, uphill sprints, and bicycle sprint.


Genetics play a big role in any form of fitness; you should be realistic with your goals.

Lack of activation of glutes

Like any other muscles for it to grow it needs to be activated first.

Warm up your butt with these effective exercises such as; donkey kicks, glute bridges, fire hydrant, hip circles, clams, monster walks, posterior plank.

Failure to choose building exercises

It is said if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.  Butt-building exercises are those that use heavy weights to train.

For your booty to grow the last two or three reps should not be done with ease.

Lack of patience

If you lack the patience it’s easier to not see any progress, glute is a large muscle and needs a lot of work. But with time, you will be see results.

Fitness is a process, and many factors can contribute to your booty appearing bigger such as a smaller waist.

Up your protein

We know protein is a building block, and like any muscles, your glutes need proteins to grow.

Look at the whole picture

Stop concentrating only on your glutes to determine your progress.

There are so many benefits that come with exercising such as;  increase in strength, able to perform activities you were not able to, you don’t get easily sick and most times you are in a good mood.

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