1.Start working out at home.

Many people sign up for gym membership because they think the financial commitment will push their fitness commitment, but that’s not the case.

Sign up for an online fitness program you can perform at home and follow it through, this will determine your commitment. And when you outgrow it, you will be able to easily join the gym to challenge yourself further and stay committed.

2.Plan your workout split.

This is an exercise plan for the week. Planning will enable you to properly split your exercises of each muscle throughout the week and enable proper recovery.

Examples: Day 1: Chest

Day 2: Shoulder

Day 3: Leg

3. Plan for rest and recovery days

Workout rest days are necessary as the workout themselves, to allow your muscles to recover and to re-energize.

Examples: Day 1: Chest

Day 2: Shoulder

Day 3: Leg

Day 4: Shoulder

Day 5: Rest

4.The Amount of weight should feel just right.

The amount of weight you choose should not be so little that you complete all your reps with ease, but not so heavy you cannot complete your reps safely and with proper form.

5. Make small tweaks to your diet.

Make small changes that add up to big results. Throwing all your food away for a healthy declaration is a big gesture but it won’t prevent you from going to the store to buy some junk foods.

Instead how you perceive food and its function is what provides lasting change. It takes time to see foods as nourishment rather than activity.

6.Practice consistency and patience.

A lot of your fitness transformation will occur inside your body before you see visible changes on the surface. Example fat around your organs will burn off, your muscle fibers will begin to strengthen and feel firmer, though they will be invisible to the eye.

Just know your body is changing and becoming more athletic

7.Weight change is not linear.

When tracking your progress via a scale, keep in mind that weight change is not straight line.

Weight is affected by many things such as muscle growth, hormonal change, water retention, bloating, constipation, fat.

Instead of expecting the scale to consistently decrease every week, remember your body is progressing despite the reading.

8. Don’t out-Eat your workout.

Make sure your diet supports your workout. If you are aiming to burn fat, you should burn more calories than you eat, an average woman can use one and a half hours to burn fat, but can also easily eat it back in one meal.

If you aim to gain muscles, you should strive to eat more calories than you burn.

9.Cheat meals are helpful.

Cheat meals are not a requirement, some fitness enthusiasts never have cheat meals. Though psychologically it will help you manage cravings and to practice healthy moderation.

A cheat meal can help jumpstart your metabolism after an extended period of dieting.

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