Weight loss plateau is where you are no longer losing weight. You are eating right, exercising and the weight used to be falling off but now it’s not.

Here are some CHANGES,  DO’S and DON’T’S you need to make;

You are overestimating how hard you are exercising.

To lose fat you need to eat fewer calories than you are burning in a day.

If you are underestimating how much you are eating, and overestimating how much you are burning, that’s a good reason for not losing weight.

Wear a fitness tracker to know how much calories you are burning.

You are not tracking what you eat.

Many people struggle to lose weight because they are underestimating how much they are eating.

You make changes in your diet and the weight starts falling off. Then your body gets used to this new diet and you stop losing weight as fast.

Taking your weight loss to the next level will require you to know exactly what you are putting in your body. Track everything you are eating at least a week.

You are eating too few calories.

If you are not eating, your body is not getting enough fuel ( calories) to function, hence it will think it is starving and make changes to burn the least amount of calories and hold on to as much fat as possible.

You might be losing fat and not knowing it.

You might be losing fat and gaining muscle, and muscles weigh more than fat.

Use a mirror to track your progress, fit on the same clothes each week to see if they are loosening up, take pictures.

You are eating too many processed foods still.

If you hit a weight loss plateau and you have been eating healthy but still sneaking in some processed foods, it’s time to cut those out. Try to stick to natural whole foods, like; fruits, veggies, meat, and whole grain.

You are eating too many ‘diet’ foods.

If you are struggling to lose weight or get over a weight loss plateau, try ditching anything that says fat-free or sugar-free. Most times, the natural fat and sugar that has been removed to be able to put that on the label, has been replaced with even far worse ingredients.

You are stressed.

When you are stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisol, when your cortisol levels are too high it has been linked to fat accumulation around the midsection.

Take it easy on yourself. Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

You are not sleeping enough.

Sleep deprivation also triggers cortisol release.

Your body has adjusted.

If you are doing the same workout routine and eating the same foods over and over again, your body has probably become used to them, hence it’s time to switch things up.

You are not drinking enough water.

People much more often confuse thirst for hunger. If you think you are hungry drink a big glass of water and wait 10 minutes to see if you are hungry before eating.

Drinking water before a meal will help you become full faster and therefore eat less.

Getting enough water is vital to allowing your body to flush and detox yourself properly.

Your body burns more calories when you drink water regularly.

You are not lifting weights.

Women, in particular, are more inclined to skip weight lifting in favor of cardio when trying to lose weight, but both are important.

 The amount of muscle mass you have plays an important role in how fast your metabolism is. The more muscles you have the more calories you burn naturally.

Try hitting the weights while trying to get over a weight loss plateau.

You are not getting enough protein.

Protein burns more calories during digestion.

You are not doing enough cardio.

Increasing your cardio and not taking away from weight lifting time, is a guaranteed way to get over a weight loss plateau.

Switch up cardio to something you like and enjoy.

You are taking in too much sugar.

Unless you are tracking your food, chances are you are taking in way more sugar than you would ever guess- and therefore carbs since sugar is a carb.

Even in the most unexpected foods, you are likely to find some form of sugar.

Some common places where high amounts of sugars are found and you might not guess are smoothies. Yogurt, milk, flavored coffee, tea, canned soups, breakfast bars, bread, orange juice, apple juice, dressings, pasta, canned beans.

You have a medical condition.

Certain medical conditions such as thyroid issues and sleep apnea will halt your weight loss, no matter how hard you try.

Talk to your doctor if you are trying to lose weight, start a new diet or exercise regime.

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