1.Boost your metabolism
Weight lifting improves your whole-body metabolism, due to the type II muscle fiber you build when lifting. So if you feel like you need to grab an extra piece of pizza without feeling guilty, lift heavy.

2. Reduce depression symptoms
Pumping iron might inflate not only your muscles but also your mood. People with mild or moderate depression who perform resistance training twice or more days a week, feel a ‘significant’ reduction of depression symptoms than those who don’t.

3. Fight Osteoporosis
As you age you naturally lose muscle and bone mass, weight lifting can help with this.
Just as your muscles adapt to the stress of weight lifting by becoming bigger and stronger, your bones also adapt. Anytime your bones perceive stress, the response is that more bones will be deposited.

4. Will make you better at your sport
Whether you are a footballer or a basketballer, weight lifting will translate into better performance. If a player can squat with 100kg’s in a high-intensity situation, pushing his limits, then those muscles can push at a high intensity on the field.
Weight lifting improves your agility and endurance.

5. Move with ease
Being able to engage the proper muscle in the right sequence, is key for moving in a way that is both efficient and safe in daily life. Weightlifting will help with this.

6. Lower risk of Diabetes
Though regular cardiovascular exercise has a higher percentage of lowering the risk of diabetes, weightlifting also plays part in lowering the risk of diabetes.

7. Better heart health
Exercises that build strength can benefit the heart more than aerobic exercises, such as cycling. Though, any amount of either kind of exercise is beneficial, so try to balance both.

8. Better blood sugar control
Weight lifting can help regulate blood glucose. Weight lifting encourages the growth of white muscle, which aids in lowering blood glucose because it uses glucose for energy.

9. Prevents back pain.
Working in an office, sitting in your desk all day can wreak havoc on your lower back, leading to stiffness and pain.
Weight lifting will help strengthen your core muscles ( those that support your spine) to lessen the discomfort and undo the damage caused by sitting all day. Some of the exercises are; squatting, hip extension, deadlift, and step-ups.

10. Improve balance.
Aside from the major muscle groups, the body has smaller muscles called stabilizer muscles, that help stabilize you.
Though your aim might be to lift weights to flatter your flexing muscles, each time you work out you are indirectly targeting those little muscles that help keep you upright and take care of everyday task such as stopping yourself from falling when you stumble on a stone or balancing on one foot to reach the top shelf.

11. Ladies, you won’t get bulk.
Building huge muscles is intentional and it takes a lot of work, like lifting heavy at a high volume many times a week, following a weight gain diet, with amounts of lean protein each day and taking supplements.
Lifting weights and eating a healthy diet will result in a fit and lean body, not big and bulky one.

12. It will make you mentally stronger
When you feel stronger physically, you usually feel stronger mentally. Weightlifting teaches you the skill of perseverance, the ability to overcome discomfort and challenge yourself.
When you are on that high intensity, and your muscles start to burn and it hurts, we usually have a choice, to stop everything and try to turn to our comfort level or decide the level of discomfort is worth the reward.

13. You will look better
Weightlifting is the best way to get a lean, toned, fit body for both men and women. You can perform cardio but without resistance training to challenges your muscles, you won’t get those toned muscles in all the right places, those that shape your body.


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