Repair your gut
Due to your weight, you are likely to have gut inflammation, hence your body is not able to process and absorb the foods you eat. Even the healthy ones. Repairing your guts means
a) Avoiding foods that your gut hates, such as processed food, flour, and sugar.
b)Take in good probiotics and probiotics supplements. Probiotics are friendly bacteria, Examples are yogurt, traditional buttermilk
c)Consume Apple Cider Vinegar water.

  • Start your day with a glass of Detox drink.
  • Warm water & lemon.
  • Warm water, lemon &ginger.
  • Warm water, lemon, ground ginger & a dash of cayenne pepper.
  • Warm water, lemon, ground ginger, a dash of cayenne pepper & apple cider vinegar. You can start your day by taking either one of the detox drink. Switch it up for your liking and you can add raw honey (Optional)to add some sweetness. A glass of this each day will refresh and rejuvenate the body and help in your weight loss regime.

Walk! Walk !walk
Since you should not engage in an intense workout, walking though sounds simple, is a good alternative and very effective in helping on your weight loss journey.
Walking improves your posture and blood flow and burns fat.
Note; If you can’t fully walk, there are a lot of alternatives.

Consider your emotions
A lot of people suffer from emotional and binge eating(me too), which can be due to stress, peer pressure, anxiety, depression.
Addressing your emotions is crucial in eliminating emotional and binge eating.
The emotional aspect of weight loss is as important as the physical.

Accept and love yourself
Many believe accepting yourself is being contented with what you have, but actually it is pushing yourself to be better. Failure to take care of yourself is not self-love.
Self-love and acceptance is a powerful tool to reach your goal of becoming a better version of yourself.

Stop the Exercises
Irony Right; Regular exercise is one of the most important ingredients to achieve the body you want.
Though, weighing over 100 kilograms and doing hardcore exercises such as jumping and intense movements will do more harm than good because of the heavyweight that your body needs to support.
You will only end up with joint pains and fatigue. Excessive and intense exercise will also cause cravings.

Stop counting your calories
If you are a model, athlete, or fitness trainer, count your calories by any means. But if you are 100-something kilograms, counting calories is not the right way to start on your weight loss journey.
This is because of the hormonal imbalances you most likely have such as:
a) Insulin resistance
Carbs are fine but maybe not for you. Since high carb content wouldn’t give you the energy you need; they will only be stored in your body because of its resistance to insulin.
Insulin is the hormone responsible for moving glucose from the food into the cell so you can use it as energy. Insulin resistance causes weight gain. Cut down your carbs intake and introduce them later when your hormones are balanced.
b) Leptin resistance
Leptine is the hormone responsible for sending a signal to the brain that you are already full or have some calories to burn. Because you are resistant to insulin, leptin also gets blocked.
This is the reason you need to focus on nutrition first. To balance your leptin, consume veggies and lean protein and take fewer carbs.

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