22 Best Nutrition Advice to lose Weight fast

1. Drink plenty of Water.
Drinking Water regularly throughout the day keeps fat toxins moving out of the body and keeps your metabolism running optimally.

2.Pack your Snacks.
From on the go smoothies to your apple chips, you’ll get the nutrition you need without the icky preservatives from expensive, processed food.

3. Increase your Protein Intake.
Aim to consume at least half your body weight in grams of protein each day to lose weight and burn fat.

4.Eat Grapefruit.
Take advantage of the grapefruit metabolism-boosting enzyme by adding slices to your salad or smoothie.

5. Drink Green Tea.
Contains a high level of natural antioxidants, which promote weight loss. Aim to drink 1-3 cups daily.

6.Get your feel of Fiber and protein.
Foods heavy in these nutrients will help you feel fuller longer, balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol and more.

7.Start cooking at Home.
By being able to control what ingredients, fats, and oils are in your food, you will be able to make healthy choices without sacrificing the foods and flavors you love.

8. Keep Healthy snacks stocked at home.
Stock your cabinets and refrigerators with fresh healthy foods.

9.Make a Menu.
Choose your favorite recipes and decide what you want to serve for meals a week at a time.

10.Slow Down.
Eating slowly eases digestion and helps your body realize when you are full.

11.Let go of the Grains.
Try to consume one serving daily at most.

12.Don’t shop on an Empty Stomach.
Make sure to have a quick snack before going shopping to prevent compulsive buying and also enable you to stick to healthy choices.

13.Make healthy Swaps.
Swap your high-calorie ingredients with cleaner, low-calorie substitute.

14.Don’t Supersize.
Take small bites of your snacks and smaller portions of your meal.

15.Flavor food with herbs and spices.
More often we flavor our foods with extra fats instead of natural herbs and spices. These are simple ways to flavor our foods without adding unnecessary calories.

16.Pare down your Plate size.
Trick your brain into eating less by serving your meal on a salad- sized plate instead of dinner ones, because the same serving of food looks lesson on a larger plate.

17.Do a Cleanse or Detox.
Even if it’s for a few days, try doing a simple vegetable juice cleanse or detox to jump-start on your weight loss.

18.Eat Breakfast.
Start your day on a hearty healthy breakfast, and fuel your body for the day, giving you energy in those first few hours you are awake.

19. Consume more Coconuts.
It’s a key component in following a low-carb diet and provides tons of energy.

20.Don’t Drink your calories.
Creamy foamy drinks might taste delicious but can have enough calories for an entire meal. Make your own healthier version instead.

21.Choose healthy Fats.
The fats found in foods like avocado, nuts and dark chocolate are good for you- and taste delicious

22. Bring your Foods.
Be it in a family gathering, or party, pack away a tasty side dish, a healthy appetizer, your favorite clean eating dessert. You will know there is at least one healthy option.

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