1.Lift heavy when stripping fat

Big weights build big muscles and in turn, will burn more fat.

2. Take out the fluff exercises

The cable and machine work will pump you up, but that’s just it. Skip the single –arm, bent over, behind the back cable concentration curls.

3. Increase healthy fat intake                              

If you are on some sort of cutting back on refined sugars, processed junks and some sort of low carbohydrate diet- Don’t cut out the fat part.

Fat supplies the body with much- needed energy in times of low carb intake. Good sources of fat include Olive oil, Avocado, nuts, natural peanut butter, and almond & eggs.

4. Hydrate

Without proper hydration, numerous activities in the body will be restrained and some would never even happen. Hydration is important for:

  • Flashing out toxins
  • Hydrating muscle cells for proper synthesis
  • Providing a feel of satiety
  • It is an important aspect of a fat loss diet.

5. Cheat to boost your metabolism

1 or 2 cheat meals on the same day can help boost a slowing metabolism from all the reduced calorie consumption over the past weeks. It can also provide a much needed psychological relief as well.

But any more than that can hinder your fat loss efforts.

6. Go compound , go efficient

It’s the fastest and most efficient way to build muscles and strength and also burn off fat.

7. Add HIIT for bonus calorie burning

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the perfect remedy for those looking to continue burning their calories long after training is over.

8. Don’t be afraid to lose

There is a misconception that if you losing weight you are losing muscles and strength as well.

While on a calorie-restrictive diet you tend to lose a little weight due to a reduction in carbs. And since carbs attract water the reduction is inevitable and causes you to lose water weight, hence bringing out the  perception of less strength.

9. Take off when you need it.

Dieting can be exhausting, know when to take a break needing a genuine day off from training. It may include a cheat meal to ramp up your energy stores, but don’t chicken out.

10. Play around with rest periods.

Are you keeping a good track of your rest periods?  Are you sticking to them ? Regulating your rest time can turn into one kick-ass workout.

11. Adjust diet and training when necessary

Sooner or later adjusting your diet and training is a necessity: Two things to consider;

Give each diet plan enough time to work, 2 or 3 weeks are enough to see if the plan works.

The second is change one thing at a time, changing too many things will only bring confusion regarding what works or not.                             

12. Record and track your progress.

When your goal is to build an ultimate physique, Valuable feedback, keeping track of changes and having an overall plan written out to refer to is an important and priceless tool on your journey.

13. Give yourself plenty of time

Try to realize that you are on a long term plan of action, everyday you are getting closer to your goal. You can never cheat the system and get your results overnight. Commit, stay disciplined and work your butt off.

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