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In a week I mean last week( from 59.9 to 56.1) So this the story, the end of the previous week I was so exhausted from work and going to the gym, so I decided to take a one week break from the gym. And I thought this would be a good week to detoxify and maybe do a little cardio. The rule for me was no lifting weights and to eat clean.

My week for detoxifying started, the first 2 days I didn’t exercise. Every morning I woke up with a glass of warm water infused with lemon and ginger (As usual my routine every day). After 30 minutes I had my Fruit salad or vegetable salad or a fruit smoothie. Lunchtime I had mashed potatoes with veggies, githeri, sweet potatoes, eggs with salad and sometimes beans. For dinner I had fish or chicken with veggies or salad. Then in between, I would snack some nuts, dates, a fruit. Ended my night with a cup of green tea (no sugar)

What to avoid, coffee, dairy ( meat, milk, and anything made from milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, Whey, powdered milk) and also anything that comes packed, in a box, in a can, in a bottle.

Workouts can go as simple as 30 minutes run, jumping rope, jumping jacks, jumping squats, lunges, abs workout. Just stay active with some little exercises.

• Always listen to your body, for example, If you feel too exhausted give yourself a break

• Drink plenty of water during this time

• If you are a lover of coffee like me, try to cut it off slowly before the week of detoxification to avoid withdrawal, you don’t want your head aching like mine did. It took 3 days for the headaches to go away.

• You can add raw honey to your warm water infused with lemon and ginger(avoid    sugar)

• Veggies should be steamed for more effective results, though I Can’t lie I didn’t steam my veggies,okay I tried once and i was …Noooo!

  • After your week of detoxification, introduce other foods slowly in your system to avoid ruining the good work
  • If you going to do a smoothie, avoid artificial sugar

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