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Breakfast                 +2-3hrs Mid Morning      +3hours Lunch

Whole-wheat          Dark chocolate                   Soups

Whole grain             Tea/coffee                            Salads

Fresh fruit                Nuts/seeds                           Stews

Eggs/protein            Berries                                   Rice

Smoothies                Fresh fruits                           Lentils/beans

Oats                                                                           Pasta

Sweet potatoes                                                        Chapati


+3 hours                                           +2 hours Dinner                +2 hour snack

Tea/coffee                                        Fish                                         Infused/flavored teas

Dark chocolate                               Chicken                                 Fresh popcorn

Nut/seeds                                         Roast meats                         Chips/Nuts/Seeds

Fresh fruits                                       Lean meats                          Crackers

Dried fruits                                       Vegetables                           Yogurt

Small treats; cookies                       Salads                                     Salty snacks

Smoothies/ juices

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