Almond and other nuts(with skin intact )-Build muscle , reduce craving

Dairy products(fat free or low fat milk, yogurt, cheese)– Build strong bones, fire up weight loss

Eggs-Build muscles, burn fat

Turkey and other lean meats-Build muscle; Strengthen immune system

Berries- Improve Satiety, prevent craving

Enova oil(soy and canola oil)- Promote fullness , not easily stored as fat

Peanut butter-Boost testosterone 9very good for women) Build muscle; burn fat

Fatty fish (Salmon ,tuna, mackerel)-Trigger fullness; fire up fat burning

Grapefruit- Lower insulin; Regulates blood sugar and metabolism( be sure to eat the freshly white membrane )

Green tea –Fires up fat burning

Chilli peppers-Spikes metabolism

Spinach and green vegetables- Fight free radicals and improve recovery for better muscle building

Whole grains(Quinoa, brown rice, whole grain cereals)- Small doses prevent body from storing fat

Beans and legumes- Build muscle, burn fat, regulates digestion

Whey-Build muscles; burn fat

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