Everybody who knows me well knows I love breakfast, really love breakfast. Here is my simple recipe breakfast which is simple to prepare, healthy and delicious.

1. Whole meal bread
Bread is a common breakfast meal in many Kenyan homes. I always spread peanut butter on my whole meal bread; it’s delicious and nutritious. Here are some combinations that will make you leak your fingers.

a) Whole meal bread spread with peanut butter & a banana-Just slice your banana on the bread to get the full taste.(simple right)

b)Whole meal bread spread with peanut butter with Avacado and a combination of onion and tomato, thinly sliced.

οƒ˜ Soak the thinly sliced onions in salty water to remove the harsh taste, then mix with the sliced tomato. Put the sliced avacado on the bread and then add your mixture of the onions and tomatoes.

c)Whole meal bread spread with peanut butter and an egg omelet made of these simple ingredients, eggs, onion, tomato, dhania(coriander) or pilipili hoho(green pepper) for your preference, oil, salt and a dash of black pepper if preferred.

οƒ˜ Whisk the eggs in the bowl, add the freshly sliced veggies on the bowl and mix together.Put a bit of on the frying pan, let it heat and pour your mixture.Add black pepper when almost ready.

d) Whole meal bread spread with peanut butter with boiled eggs and mixed vegetable salad(They can be boiled, steamed or taken raw); for people who really need to cut fat off their diet as much as possible.

2. Weetabix
My weetabix are as simple as they come, with milk and an apple for that natural sweetness am good to go.
Note: You can use skimmed milk (fat-free milk) for weight watchers and a fruit of your choice.

3. Yogurt
We have greek yogurt and regular yogurt. Both Greek and regular yogurt, in their plain, nonfat or low-fat forms, can be part of a healthful diet.
Greek yogurt; Is lower in carbs and sugar, high in protein but has more fat.
If you choose a plain yogurt, go slow in the additives ..preferrable natural sweeteners on fruits like strawberry and grapes to add sweetness and also healthy seeds and nuts for more nutrition and a fuller feeling.

Yeah, yeah! I know regular mahamri are not healthy…!I eat them on my cheat day breakfast with maharagwe ya nazi. Delicious.

Please give me other healthy recipes that I can make for breakfast. And the best way to make oatmeal breakfast, It should be delicious.

2 thoughts on “MY POWER BREAKFAST

  1. you’ve given almost all the recipes I know… but there’s this one,on a chapati place a fried egg and roll them together… its sweet that you’ll forget you had tea,that is if u had planned to take it with tea. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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