My New Fancy Gym

So I joined a new gym, a fancy one matter of seeing. Have you entered somewhere and you can’t figure out if you are in the right place, I was almost getting out to see where exactly I was. It almost felt like a video game room, where there is that thrill of choosing whichever game you want to play. I can’t really explain how it looks, each equipment is strategically placed on its own and each machine has something like a wall barrier at either side, front or back for whatever reason; Coloured with Persian blue with a touch of white. And I thought to myself, am not gonna seriously work out here; am used to entering a gym and it looks all business. Anyway I started working out “FOCUS” the thrill is almost over and I still have to get familiar with some equipment I have never seen before. And yeah, the gym is a plus for me, there are more working machines that I really needed and now I got them and btw I didn’t say how I have never seen a gym so dedicated to wall art, with all the inspirational and funny quotes at the aerobic room. And the instructor is not annoying.Can’t wait to meet some of those fancy people also.


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