Ata usipunguze, maintain hapo hapo (Don’t reduce, maintain that body) – I actually know why I was coming to the gym in the first place and you didn’t put me on a weighing scale, just spare me that comment, please.

Hiyo weight iko sawa(The weight you are lifting is a commendable job)-  Come on…,   I know that weight is light because I am feeling it, so the comment doesn’t make me feel any better about myself, it makes me mad unless am actually lifting a heavier weight.

Kwanini uko gym? (Why are you in the gym?)-Eeeehh! coz I want to be in the gym. There are so many reasons why people go to the gym, from losing weight, to gaining muscles, to keeping fit and even maintaining your weight.

Ningekuwa wewe singekuwa gym (If I was you, I would not be in the gym)-I think when people, mostly ladies say this, they should actually confirm a background check on your previous weight before even saying that. Though I love you all, if you are a lady and working out, I know…., you know the struggle of breaking you body and I commend you for that.

Hiyo haifanywi hivyo (You are not doing the correct thing)-This I can be 50/50, it depends on the consent you are telling me in.

Note: Please spare me your comments and questions and let’s just lift, let’s have fun doing it and challenge me and vice versa. Also, spare my loose translation.

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