Encounters that may make you hate or love the new gym

There are a number of reasons why you might have to go to a new gym, getting transferred from your work place, or going to live in new places just because you need a change. Here are some of the reasons that may make you hate or love your new gym.

The instructor
The struggle of telling the instructor that you are not a beginner, some may listen and others don’t. And you may find yourself doing workouts you have never done before, this may be a good thing since your body gets challenged.

The bad thing is when you are doing a workout that you have done before, and the gym instructor tells you that it’s not done that way and you start to wonder was I working out the wrong the whole time. Don’t feel bad, the truth is there are hundreds of workouts that target the same muscles, give your new instructor a chance.

Word of advice; don’t tell the instructor what you want to do, just tell him/her your target plan. No one loves being told what to do in his\her expertise field.

Starting over
Going to a new gym is like starting over, no matter how much you tell yourself it’s all the same. You might find new equipment, you have a new gym instructor, new faces, new schedule. Advice: let the instructor do his work as you get comfortable.

New work out buddies
In the gym there is always that workout buddy you get to meet, naturally, we find ourselves pairing. Having to go to a new gym means you, getting a new partner, it may take a week, a month or even the same day.
Advice: Have a workout buddy with the same set of goals or somebody that challenges you.

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