4 small changes that will take your workout to the next level

Switch from machines to Dumbbells

While machines may be great for a beginner trainee, they don’t require much total core activation. With dumbbells, you get a lot more, hence this will really help improve results that you can see.

Stand rather than sit

Another way to increase the intensity of your workout program is to stand rather than sit.This simple changes will activate more core muscles while making the entire exercise more intense. This in turn, will help to increase your progress.

Change the Tempo Pattern

Consider changing the tempo pattern of the exercise you are doing, if you normally take 2 seconds to lift the weight up, consider taking 3. Also focus on slowing down the eccentric portion of the exercise( which is lowering down the weight slowly rather than letting it drop)This will really help yield more results as most people rush through this phase.

A good tempo to aim for is 3 seconds to lift the weight, 1-second pause at the top, and then 3 seconds to lower the weight.

Add a Brief Pause

Consider taking a brief pause at the top of the exercise rather than rushing through it. This will increase the total time under tension that you get with each rep and also reduce momentum coming into play. Momentum takes stress off the muscles entirely, so you want to avoid letting it come into the picture at all costs.


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