Skipping breakfast
Missing breakfast leads to overeating later in the day as blood sugar drops mid-morning, making you more compulsive around food and less likely to resist that double portion.

Plus, you are more prone to indulge at night as your body plays catch-up on missed calories, making you more likely to store the calories as fat.

Any form of protein in the morning, makes you feel less hungry at lunchtime.If you can’t face breakfast, eating a handful of walnuts or almonds an hour after waking will be enough to stop your cravings later.

Weekend feast
Most people eat healthy on weekdays and think it’s right to go off the diet on weekends, by rewarding yourself with sugary and fatty foods like ice cream, chocolates, burger; which will technically increase your weight over time.
To avoid the temptation to spree, infuse your working week with small amounts of what you fancy, such as a small glass of wine, some hotdog or a few squares of good quality chocolate.

Diet drinks
Although diet and sugar-free drinks are usually seen as healthier choices, they are no more helpful for losing weight or preventing weight gain than their full-sugar versions. Diet drinks contain no sugar and are sweetened with artificial sweeteners instead, which can be sweeter than real sugar hence feeding a sweet tooth.(N.B. When the body receives a sweet taste without the calories it expects, it triggers sweet cravings that make you eat more. )
Sweeteners have also been shown to have a similar effect to real sugar hence this blood sugar variations drive cravings for sweet substances when blood sugar is low.
I suggest Just drinking sparkling or warm water with lime or lemon juice.

Overeating healthy foods
Eating large portions of even the healthiest foods can hinder your progress or even make you gain weight. Overeating unhealthy food is certainly worse than overeating healthy food; however overeating healthy food is still not a good thing, and this tendency can eventually derail your progress.
Foods that carry these health claims may be high in sugar and other empty calories. Regardless if it’s an apple or a cupcake, you’ve got to watch your portion size.”At the end of the day, you may have consumed more calories.
The key is to get the foods you overeat off the grocery list (regardless of how healthy they sound) and replace them with foods that you do NOT have a tendency to overindulge.

When dieters avoid fat, they are hungry all the time; fat is highly satisfying, people who avoid fat are mostly not satisfied by meals ending up eating a lot. Dieters’ obsession with low-fat products merely fuels a craving for fatty foods, and that’s why they end up bingeing on cakes, biscuits and ice cream – all sources of fat their bodies needs.
A low-fat food is pointless for people wanting to lose weight because when real fat is removed, something needs to be added to retain taste and texture – ‘usually sugar and flour, which provide calories but are nutritionally inferior.
What you should do, choose full-fat yogurt (especially greek, which is higher in protein, so it keeps you satisfied for longer) and add a pat of butter to steamed vegetables.

People go on a steady diet and manage to lose weight, but most people can’t tolerate dieting for long so once it’s inevitably stopped, weight goes on a little more than before. Then you go on another diet, lose again, stop and go a little higher still. That is how crash dieters gain more and more weight over time.The body thinks it’s starving, so to compensate, will switch on all the mechanisms it has to store food.
The only diets that have been proven effective for long-term weight are those that focus on higher amounts of protein and vegetables and limit carbohydrates
How successful dieters keep off weight.
• Eating breakfast every day.
• Weighing themselves at least once a week.
• Watching less than ten hours of TV a week.
• Exercising moderately for an hour everyday (most choose walking )

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