The holidays are over, you had the best month (December), that means more sloppy eating and drinking, you probably feel you have gained a lot of weight and you are even scared to go over a body weight measuring machine and coming back to track is a disaster.It’s the second week of January and with all the ‘njaa’ this month brings along with it, believe me it’s the best month to come back to form. Let’s say your broke, you spend most of your savings on making yourself and others happy and right now there are more priorities to consider like paying rent , water bill , electricity bill ,transport and you can’t afford the luxury of eating meat daily, or buying pizza every Tuesday ,don’t stress, it might be the best month to regain your form, now you can eat more veggies and eat a clean , healthy home cooked meal since buying food is more expensive.

If you feel you’re still not ready to go jogging in the morning or gym classes,start with small changes like drinking a lot of water. Make it a priority to drink 8 glasses a day (2 litres) this January . It works.

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