I started my fitness goals almost 1 and1/2 years ago after college and believe me it has not been easy. Except for me maintaining a normal BMI, there has not been much progress. I have gone to the gym once in a while, been on and off diet. I have lazed around and gave myself excuses especially on holidays and “hormones” thank God am not a fun of chips and most junk foods, because if I was ; simply it would have been a roller coaster of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I even had to move from my parents house for me to maintain a healthy diet, which I thought would help me progress more faster, by literally making myself a vegetable or fruit salad at night and be okay with it, but you know with all the bills, and pretty much learning about how people can mess you up; it has been tough.
Though all has not been effortless, the best thing about those one and a half years is that for the first 6 months I was able to loose almost 20kg’s, giving me the write BMI and after that I have always maintained my weight. I used to jog for a very short distance or walk long distances and my heart would burn like hell, now only my legs can fail me. I have met friends who we go way back…! and believe me the compliments are worth it. I go to the gym and people are like, “why are you here? “ “If I was you I could eat anything,’ and am like if you were me you couldn’t, OK..! I don’t say that loudly. Anyway it is a nice feeling, though I have to keep myself on track .Fitness is an ongoing process if you stop you go back to zero. So let us start.

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